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BeautyMed S.A.S is an affiliated company of the French "Aquatonale Group", a worldwide provider of skin care aesthetics products.

Newly introduced and distributed on the Lebanese market by Parapharm SAL, BeautyMed is a professional, innovative and high-tech line of products, formulated with the safest European standards. It offers efficient, creative and safe solutions to cure and enhance the skin's well-being.

Face Treatments & Products

  • Face Basic Essentials
  • Peel Therapy
  • Eye Beauty Care
  • Dermo Active Complexes
  • Dermo Active Cream Masks
  • Facial Peel-Off Masks
  • Nano Bio-Fiber Masks
  • Vitamin Essentials
  • Skin Fusion

For more information, visit BeautyMed's website.